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Created on 02/18/2008 07:42 PM by admin
Updated on 06/19/2008 02:53 AM by admin
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Fort William CC
Posted on: 2020-06-21 17:11:28   By: peteshep
I feel I must respond to the outrageous comments of Leg Bye, whoever he may be. As a Cricketer of some vintage who played competitive and friendly Cricket in Hampshire for some years, I can safely say that I have never played within such a vibrant and spirited group of players that we have at FWCC.
Two years ago we needed to beat a young and inexperienced Northern Counties to win the Reserve League. Now those NC youngsters are coming on in leaps and bounds, and the boot is on the other foot, and now we are having to find our feet once more. Fort William, on becoming too strong for the Reserve League, were faced with an awkward decision, and that was to apply to join the Senior League, and to keep a presence in the Reserve League to involve new and existing members who otherwise would not have got a game due to the restictions of having only one team. Some of us chose to remain in the Reserve League, me personally feeling that I was no longer able to compete at a higher level. Others felt that they would like to test themselves against better players in the Senior League. In effect, now with two teams, the existing strengths of FWCC were halved, and although there was a good start,results have been poor.
There are reasons for that, but I will not use them as excuses.
Leg Bye obviously feels that FWCC first team is not fit to be on the same pitch as his arrogant self. Would he have our first team relegated to the Reserve League? What would then be the fate of the existing reserve team now being beaten by emerging teams such as the afore mentioned Northern Counties? Would he have these players drift away from the game because they no longer have the opportunity of regular cricket? With many clubs finding it hard to recruit new players, we at FWCC are proud to be able to field teams in both leagues.
I am sorry that we are beneath your personal standards, LegBye, whoever you may be. Our wish is to compete and improve, and provide sterner competion in future, but it will take time. If you do not feel FWCC is worthy of that time, and fellow players in the Senior League are of the same opinion, then I am truly pleased to have chosen to remain in the Reserves.
I suppose I should also be envious of your obvious outstanding natural talent that gives you the right to post such an insulting comment.
You should be ashamed of yourself, but I don't suppose you are.

Pete Shep

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