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League Predictions.

Season 2007 certainly brought a lot of challenges both on and off the park for the WDCU. Whilst there have been several heated debates on subjects that always pop up, the league was more hard done by by mother nature than anything else! Indeed, several clubs played merely half the games they were meant to!

With season 2008, I'm sure that it is everyone's hope that the weather is kinder to us and that in WDCU 1 especially, the league is void of undertones of what would have been.

WDCU 1 is also promising to yield more competition this year than last due to the promotion of Helensburgh from WDCU 2 and Accies being relegated from SNCL 2. These two teams will alter the face of a league which competitive as it was last year really didn't provide the sort of entertaining 15+ game race that some have seen in the past. That being said what did take place was good solid cricket for the most part.

All that being said, here are my predictions for the top 5 of WDCU 1 with explanations and the bottom half with more comments than anything else.

1st Place: Kelburne. I believe that last season the side from Whitehaugh showed great teamwork and ability with a mix of old heads and younger talent. I strongly believe that despite the pressure being put on them from teams 2, 3 and 4 they will hold out and produce the most consistent week in an and week out performances.

2nd Place: Accies. Whilst they had a DISMAL run in the national league, with some slight ageing of the team and maybe confidence a bit low amongst the team I think they will be pipped to 1st but comfortably hold 2nd place. However, I think that if any team is going to prove me utterly wrong, it will be Accies.

3rd Place: GHK. Top of the league last year and an excellent side surely, but I think that had they played a more full schedule of games last season they may have been pipped by Kelburne. Sorry GHK... I think you may only manage 3rd place although I shall be the first to congratulate you if you prove me wrong.

4th Place: East Kilbride. Last season saw them mourning the loss of several key players but they performed admirably well and this season if my information is right sees them bring in some talented new blood. My wild card for this season in terms of consistency but I think they will prove strong enough to take 4th place.*

5th Place: Hillhead. Always a strong force in the WDCU, Hillhead may struggle this season. With a changed team and no permanent home ground this season I think they may struggle to hit the ground running. Although I think any upsets to the title race will come from the boys of Hughenden.

Ok, this ends my comments for the teams but I do have a few things for the rest.

6th Place: Galloway. Strong on their day and trouble for many teams once they found their feet.

7th Place: Irvine. They certainly wont be in the mix for relegation but I think they will not have much in the way of a chance for 5th or 6th place. Too reliant on old stalwarts.

8th Place: Helensburgh. Honestly dont know alot about this outfit and so to my shame I have to base where I think they will finish based on how I think others will do.

9th Place: St Michaels. For me, this team were far too reliant on their OSAs and when they didnt perform the team were done. Although they do have promising junior participation, I think that this reliance on "foreign hitmen" will seriously jeopardise their attempts at staying in the top flight despite how well they have done in recent years.

10th Place: Yes, I have to say it I think that this year Partick will get the drop.

*If anyone has any elaboration on the Foreign players at EK ( they have been very quiet about it) then please PM Flavius on the forums so that I can put it in ( if plausible and with a shred of truth) the next West item.

Thats it from me, however I would like to leave you with one though from these predictions... If one thing is a CERTAINTY, its that there will be some surprises.


Created on 03/18/2008 02:43 PM by admin
Updated on 03/28/2008 03:58 PM by admin
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League Predictions
Posted on: 2020-04-30 04:13:14   By: fineleg99
Having witnessed the appalling bating display of Accies at Helensburgh in the pre-season friendly last week, and knowing that HSCC eased off to allow all the bowlers a go, and adding to that the best HCC batsmen was retired at 35 to allow others a innings, how can you place the men from Ardencaple so low & Accies so High? HCC won by 2 wickets with 8 overs to spare, and to be fair, wold have only had to chase less than 80 if the main strike force had been let rip.
It may be true that HCC may well struggle, but there is nothing in the Accies line up that any one in this decision should fear.
Partick will also surprise you with their mix of youth & experience.
It is dangerous to even try and predict how any team may well finish in this tight league. You may well look back at the article in 4 months time and wish you had kept your hands off the key board!

    Re: League Predictions
    Posted on: 2020-05-17 09:47:19   By: Flavius
    OH, I agree with you totally. You need only to look at how the season has begun to know that what was taken to be the accepted from last season is going to be turned on it head. I would like to point out that as far as this goes, its a guess based on KNOWN team makeup and prior form. As I stated, the only definite is that there will be surprises!

    Re: League Predictions
    Posted on: 2020-05-01 03:08:08   By: admin
    Well it's an opinion, and nobody should be criticised for having one of those!

No Subject
Posted on: 2020-03-28 16:09:15   By: Flavius
I would just like to apologise before hand for my haste in this. Upon re-re-reading I have spotted some mistakes. But this is a retype after my first one disappeared so I tried to have it up as quick as possible.

    Re: This article
    Posted on: 2020-03-28 16:52:58   By: admin
    No need to apologise, it's great to have something on-line from a fellow cricket lover. Keep the articles coming and let others do likewise.



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